Dust and Particles PM2.5 PM10 传感器

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  • 产品品牌   Alphasense
  • 产品型号   OPC-N2
  • 产品描述   PM2.5传感器(PM2.5检测仪)OPC-N2是一款轻便型装置,采用先进的光学系统及精准地电子处理装置,提供快速精确的粒子数和粒径分布检测,是Alphasense在OPC-N1的基础上升级的二代产品...

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Dust and Particles

OPC group

Alphasense is dedicated to supplying sensors for air quality networks. Increased awareness of the health danger from particulates has raised significantly the importance of monitoring PM.  Our Optical Particle Monitor OPC-N2 measures PM1, PM2.5 and PM10, augmenting our range of gas and VOC sensors for indoor and urban air quality monitoring.

The OPC-N2 originated from research at the Centre for Atmospheric and Instrumentation Research, University of Hertfordshire and has subsequently been developed and refined with five years of Alphasense and UoH collaboration, including the capture of more than 150 million readings at Heathrow airport.

The OPC-N2 measures particles from 0.38 micron to 17 micron diameter accurately, repeatedly, and with minimal maintenance using the patented ‘pump-less’ design.  A proven technology, the OPC-N2 provides both PM readings and real time particle size histograms, competing in performance with existing analytical units but at a fraction of the cost.

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